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Little Ola's Biscuits at Olamaie

Thursday-Sunday 10am-8pm

Little Ola's Biscuits is a take-away biscuit shop featuring Olamaie's famous flaky biscuits conveniently delivered to your car. Operating out of Olamaie and accepting orders online, we are serving our signature biscuits along with biscuit sandwiches, seasonal sides, desserts, a rotating selection of cocktails, and pantry provisions like sliced country ham and house-made pimento cheese.



Dessert can often be overlooked, and left out of the culinary conversation. Despite working in an unforgiving medium, pastry chefs rarely achieve the same notoriety as those that predominantly cook savory dishes. Operating a biscuit shop these last few months has given us even more respect for the delicate palate and creative process of our own Pastry Chef Jules Stoddart, and now we're hoping to introduce our Little Ola's Biscuits supporters to a few more of Austin's most talented chefs.

Each week of our Flavors of Fall: A Pastry Chef Collaboration series highlights a new local pastry chef. They'll be finding innovative ways to incorporate our famous biscuit recipe and make it their own. Each confection will have a limited run, Thursday-Sunday, with pre-sale opening the preceding Monday.

Flavors of Fall Schedule

10.15 - 10.18 Michelle Arcilla Hall / Executive Pastry Chef

Cosa Nostra

10.22 - 10.25 Callie Speer / Partner & Chef

Holy Roller

11.5 - 11.8 Ariana Quant / Executive Pastry Chef

Hai Hospitality (Uchi / Uchiko / Uchibā / Loro)

11.12 - 11.15 Anna Mendoza / Pastry Chef


11.19 - 22 Derrick Flynn / Executive Pastry Chef


We are only accepting orders through our online portal at this time.

Pre-orders are available four days in advance, with orders for Thursday and Friday going live on the preceding Monday.

Thank y'all for your continuous support of the Olamaie team.

The Olamaie Staff Fund has raised $17,000!

The COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for us to temporarily shutter our doors and send our team of trained professionals home. The Olamaie Staff Fund was created to help ease the financial burden of the furloughed members of the Olamaie team. 100% of the money raised has been distributed to our employees while they shelter at home in service of the greater good.

In just a few weeks we have raised $17,000 through the sale of t-shirts, koozies, gift cards, and through your generous donations. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring from our community. Thank you for supporting us so enthusiastically.