Edna Lewis:"The Edna Lewis Cookbook"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 5pm-10pm

Presented with cocktails featuring Treaty Oak Distilling spirits and highlighting produce from Texas Food Ranch

Edna Lewis left her rural community in Freetown, Virginia at just sixteen. Charged with caring for her younger sister after their father's death, she gave up her college aspirations and moved them to New York. She would enjoy success as a seamstress, campaign for FDR, and work for a communist newspaper, all the while throwing dinner parties for the artists and enthusiasts she befriended. It was these parties that would inspire her friend, antique dealer John Nicholson, to have her run his forthcoming restaurant, Café Nicholson. The simple, Southern fare garnered it immediate attention, appealing to the bohemians of the day and distinguishing Lewis for her refined approach to the cuisine.

In life, it's had to know what breaks are lucky, but with time, we are able to gain perspective. A broken leg resulted in Ms. Lewis being forced to slow down long enough to indulge the requests of her student, Evangeline Peterson, and write "The Edna Lewis Cookbook." It would serve to inspire cooks for generations to come.

In it, Lewis writes that while she has not paired any of her dinner menus with wine, it is her hope that "you will serve and enjoy wine with all of them." We'll be obliging, as well as celebrating her contribution to Southern Cuisine with some fine spirits from our friends at Treaty Oak Distilling.

The four-course tasting menu with beverage pairings is included in the $65 per person price.

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"Those who have maintained the foods in their family always talk about it in terms of memories. One can hardly talk about a Southern meal without it being associated with some kind of place."

- Toni Tipton-Martin

Due to the abbreviated menu, we regret we are unable to accommodate guests who are lactose intolerant or wish to eliminate gluten from their diet. Any specific inquiries regarding allergies and intolerances can be directed to