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Subject to change due to seasonality and market availibility.

Skillet Cornbread - 16

Sharpshooter cheddar, tomato, conserva onion

Crab & Sunflower Salad - 17

tomato aspic, cucumber, sorrel

Carolina Gold Rice Hush Puppies - 16

country ham, onion dip, aigre doux

Ranger Cattle Beef Tartare - 19

sweet pepper, beef fat mayo, salt & pepper potato chips

Gulf White Shrimp & Jefferson Red Rice - 19

Tabasco, shishito, butter cracker

Boiled Peanuts - 15

winter squash, buttermilk, molasses

Smoked Eggplant - 16

Alabama BBQ, chow chow, benne

Field Peas & Peppers - 15

fresh cheese, basil, pecan

“Hoppin’ John” - 30

Sea Island red peas, smoky likker, soft-boiled egg

Day Boat Fish - 43

Prairie Ronde rice, green tomato, squash

Dewberry Hills Farm Chicken - 35

succotash, tomato butter, chicken jus

Sorghum Brined Pork Chop - 45

Charleston brown rice, apple, dandelion

Peeler Ranch 16oz Wagyu Strip - 120

Southern sideboard

Sweet Milk Custard - 14

Aperol spritz, pear, chantilly

Angel Food Cake -14

Vanilla ice cream, pecan, persimmon

Benne Oil Cake - 14

black cherry ice cream, Olamaie magic shell

"Conversations about food have offered paths to grasp bigger truths about race and identity, gender and ethnicity, subjugation and creativity. Today, Southern food serves as an American lingua franca.”

- John T. Edge